VCredit (维信金科)

Founded in 2006, VCredit is one of the pioneers of unsecured consumer credit China. The Company has since grown into a leading on-line consumer credit company providing its users with a fully online credit services platform.

The Company has a leading risk control and proprietary credit rating system in China. This system is built from multiple dimensions based on “big data” accumulation which was generated from their years of experience in the industry in China. The Company started their on-line strategy “Smart Online Finance Platform” in early 2015, and their first Online product, Kaka Loan went online in May 2015. Other Online products such Star wallet and Doudou Cash also went online later in 2015. Their Online segment has since seen very strong growth, and today, the company receives more than 2 million on-line applications per month. Kaka Loan was awarded the “Shanghai Financial Innovation Prize 2015”. The company is expecting growth on the on-line segment to remain strong in the coming years.

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