PAGD (平安好医生)

PAGD was founded by the Ping An Group in August 2014. The Company mainly focuses on three product lines: medical, pharmacy and health related information, covering segments such as online consultations, long term doctor-patient management, pharmacy O2O, electronic health records, chronic disease management, healthcare services for children etc.. PAGD provides a one-stop online solution of healthcare management services for its clients. It is committed to being a leader of China’s WIT 120 (China’s modern national healthcare policy: Wise Information Technology of 120) connecting the traditional healthcare system to the internet on-line platforms to establish China’s modern Internet plus healthcare ecosystem.

Via its online platform, the Company provides comprehensive customized healthcare O2O services to its clients by providing long term family doctor services and specialist online consultations. In addition, their “big data” mining system can produce analysis and research to improve services provided to their clients or patients on an on-going basis. The online platform/application “Ping An Good Doctor” went online in April 2015 and its registered user base has already exceeded some 10 million by 2Q 2015. It is the largest online healthcare platform in China and has the leading position in the number of daily consultations while enjoying a high level of user satisfaction and stickiness. The Company strives to become China’s largest internet healthcare ecosystem providing a comprehensive service platform and their “Ping An Good Doctor” application to be the entry point to attract patients into their ecosystem.

To satisfy demands from different groups of patients, the Company has also developed other online products such as paediatric healthcare management as well as chronic diseases management.  Following the direction of China’s overall medical system reform campaign, the company has built a nationwide multi-hierarchical medical doctor network by having their own in-house family doctors, generalists and specialists. In addition, the Company has built its online pharmacy shop and has already acquired the B2B license while it is in the process of applying for the B2C license.

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