Lufax (陆金所)

Based in Shanghai, Lufax is a Leading Global Online Wealth Management platform. It was founded by the Ping An Group in Sep 2011.

The Company incorporates the globalization of financial products and information technology innovations into a comprehensive on-line platform to provide individuals, qualified investors, institutions and enterprises with efficient and secured financial services. Their platform (previously went online in March 2012, and it provides individuals and institutions diversified and reliable financing and investment services.

The Company’s business includes three major platforms:
1. Wealth Management Business (WMB)
2. Credit Management Business (CMB)
3. Institutional Service Business (ISB)

Lufax provides investment services for individuals via its Wealth Management Business line, while it provides financing services for clients via its Credit Management Business line. It serves to meet the liquidity needs of institutions via its financial assets trading platform under ISB. Lufax provides financing and investment services by utilizing leading internet technologies and is now the biggest online wealth management platform in China with an active investor base of over 7 million.

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