Kester Ng

Mr. Ng joined GRE as the CEO and NewMargin as a Managing Partner in June, 2013. My Ng has over twenty-one years of Global Investment Banking experience spanning across Hong Kong, China, the Asia Pacific region, New York, Sydney and London. Before joining GRE and NewMargin, Mr. Ng worked at J.P. Morgan for 7 years and he was Chairman as well as head of J.P. Morgan’s Asia Pacific Equity Capital and Derivatives Markets, focus on raising capital for both public and private companies via Initial Public Offerings, Equity & Equity-linked Offerings as well as pre IPO private Placements. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan in 2006, Mr. Ng was at Merrill Lynch for over ten years and was a Managing Director and Head of Great China Equity Capital Markets. Prior to that, he has also worked at UBS’ Advisory &Financing Division in London and Goldman Sachs, Equity Capital Markets Division in London and Hong Kong. Throughout his Career, he has worked on some 500 equity and equity-linked transactions in Asian Pacific, including some 250 transactions for Greater China Companies, raising some $180 billion for them. In addition, he has worked on over 90 initial public offerings and pre-IPO placements, raising over $100 billion for Greater China companies listed on most of the major stock exchanges globally (Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore, NASDAQ, etc.),

In addition to his Equity Capital Markets roles at J.P. Morgan, he has served as a director of the boards of both J.P Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited and J.P. Morgan Broking (Hong Kong) Limited. He was also a member of the J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific Equity Commitment Committee which is responsible for vetting and approving all of J.P. Morgan’s equity & equity linked transactions across the Asia Pacific Region. In addition, he also previously served as a Hong Kong SFC Responsible Officer as well as a Hong Kong Monetary Authority Executive Officer.