The company is a SFC licensed corporation in Hong Kong focusing on two manin areas:
Investment Advisory Services and Asset Management
GRE Investment Advisors Limited (“GRE”) is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission (“SFC”) to provide investment advisory and asset management services, under type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) licenses. Under the guidance of our Responsible Officers, Mr. Kevin Yip, MR. Kester Ng, Mr. Jimmy Choo and Mr. Cary Zhou, the professional team has achieved outstanding equity investment return in the Greater China and Asia Pacific Region.
  • VCredit
    Founded in 2006, VCredit is one of the pioneers of unsecured consumer credit China. The Company has since grown into a leading on-line consumer credit company providing its users with a fully online credit services platform. VCredit was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on June 21, 2018 (HKSE stock code: 2003).
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    Founded by the Ping An Group in Sep 2011, Lufax is a Leading Online Wealth Management platform in China. The Company’s business includes three major platforms: wealth management business, credit management business, and institutional service business.
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  • Ping An Good Doctor (PAGD)
    PAGD was founded by the Ping An Group in August 2014. The Company is a pioneer in the PRC Internet healthcare market and operate the largest Internet healthcare platform in terms of average MAUs and daily average online consultations. Through its mobile platform launched in April 2015, PAGD offers online medical and wellness services, such as family doctor services, consumer healthcare services, health mall as well as health management and wellness interaction. PAGD was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 4, 2018 (HKSE stock code: 1833).
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    The Company was founded in Shanghai in 2011 and is now the largest auto care e-commerce platform in China, providing customers with a comprehensive B2C auto-care services platform.
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  • Mafengwo
    Founded in 2011, the Company is a leading online travel platform in China, providing users with trip planning advise and online booking service during their travel by a variety of user-generated contents and online merchants.
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  • 维信金科
    维信金科成立于2006年,是中国消费信贷的探索者。该公司已经成长为一家领先的在线消费金融公司,为其用户提供全面的在线信贷服务。 维信金科已于2018年6月21日在香港证券交易所上市(股票代码:2003)。
  • 陆金所
  • 平安好医生
    平安好医生由平安集团于2014年8月成立。平安好医生是中国互联网医疗市场的先行者,运营着中国最大的互联网医疗平台(根据平均月活和每日平均在线问诊量衡量)。 通过2015年4月推出的移动平台,平安好医生提供在线医疗和健康服务,例如家庭医生服务、用户健康服务、健康商城以及与用户的健康管理互动。 平安好医生已于2018年5月4日在香港证券交易所上市(股票代码:1833)。
  • 途虎养车
  • 马蜂窝

GRE aims to serve individuals and institutions investing in multiple asset classes including private equity, hedge funds, and others. Currently, GRE has engaged to serve a prestige private equity management company namely NM Strategic Management, LLC since 2015. GRE will pursue similar and other opportunities in near future.

With the solid relationship and global networks built under its professional team, GRE can offer many valuable services on investment advisory and/or asset management to any sizable investment companies.


GRE旨在为如私募股权基金、对冲基金在内的各类机构及个人提供投资及相关的咨询服务。自2015年以来,GRE一直致力于为一家声誉卓著的私募股权管理公司——NM Strategic management服务,并将继续追求类似的机会。


  • Mr. Ng joined GRE as the CEO and NewMargin as a Managing Partner in June 2013. Mr. Ng has over twenty-one years of Global Investment Banking experience spanning across Hong Kong, China, the Asia Pacific region, New York, Sydney and London.

    Before joining GRE and NewMargin, Mr. Ng worked at J.P. Morgan for 7 years and he was Chairman as well as head of J.P. Morgan’s Asia Pacific Equity Capital and Derivatives Markets, focus on raising capital for both public and private companies via Initial Public Offerings, Equity & Equity-linked Offerings as well as pre-IPO private Placements.Prior to joining J.P. Morgan in 2006, Mr. Ng was at Merrill Lynch for over ten years and was a Managing Director and Head of Great China Equity Capital Markets. Prior to that, he has also worked at UBS’ Advisory & Financing Division in London and Goldman Sachs, Equity Capital Markets Division in London and Hong Kong.

    Throughout his Career, he has worked on some 500 equity and equity-linked transactions in Asian Pacific, including some 250 transactions for Greater China Companies, raising some $180 billion for them. In addition, he has worked on over 90 initial public offerings and pre-IPO placements, raising over $100 billion for Greater China companies listed on most of the major stock exchanges globally (Hong Kong, New York, London, Singapore, NASDAQ, etc.).

    Besides his Equity Capital Markets roles at J.P. Morgan, he has served as a director of the boards of both J.P Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited and J.P. Morgan Broking (Hong Kong) Limited. He was also a member of the J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific Equity Commitment Committee which is responsible for vetting and approving all of J.P. Morgan’s equity & equity linked transactions across the Asia Pacific Region. In addition, he also previously served as a Hong Kong SFC Responsible Officer as well as a Hong Kong Monetary Authority Executive Officer.

  • Mr. Yip is the Managing Director and Responsible Officer of GRE. He has more than twenty-five years of equity investment in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region.

    He was previously the Vice Chairman and Managing Partner of New Margin Ventures, a leading mid-market growth private equity firm focused on investing in Greater China. Before joining New Margin, he was the Managing Director and Responsible Officer of Bosera Asset Management (International) Co., Ltd. Prior to Bosera, he was the co-founder and CEO of Sun Partners Investment Management Limited, a HK SFC-licensed asset management company which managed the Sun China Fund. Prior to that, he was a founding Senior of General Enterprise Management Services (GEMS) and was a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He was also a Vice President of J.P. Morgan International Capital Corporation from 1989 to 1998.

    Mr. Yip was included in Asia FM's 2011 inaugural list of Asia's Power 50, the investment management industry's most influential individuals in Asia. He received his A.B. degree, magna cum laude, from Harvard University and was John Harvard scholar. He was served as a direct of a number of private and publicly listed companies in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. He has served on the Financial Services Advisory Committee of the Trade Development Council of the Hong Kong SAR and the Expert Steering Committee of the China Venture Capital Research Institute. He is currently a Board Member of the Strategic investment Committee of EQT Partners, a global private equity management company focused on control and co-control investments with approximately Euro 20 billion under management.

  • Mr. Cary Zhou is a partner of GRE and previously served as a Senior Partner with New Margin Ventures since 2007.

    For over the years, Mr. Zhou has worked throughout China beginning with AT&T Bell Labs as senior engineer for telecommunications, followed by a move to Lucent Technology (China) resulting in his role as a Vice President of Sales & Marketing. At Lucent, he was the Chief Representative of Lucent Technology for southern China, where he was responsible for the oversight of all of Lucent's activities in the region, including with respect to government relationships. Mr. Zhou also set up the Lucent Joint Venture in China and was the General Manager for Lucent Technologies of Shanghai Joint Venture.

    Mr. Zhou received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York. He has industry background, extensive government relationships in China, experience with publicly traded companies and demonstrated business expertise.

  • Mr. Choo is the Managing Director and Responsible Officer of GRE. Mr. Choo has 30 years of experience in the finance industry, specializing in the corporate finance and asset management.

    He was with JP Morgan for 15 years, holding various investment banking and asset management positions in Hong Kong and New York. He also held investment banking position with DBS Bank, as Managing Director and Head of DBS Asian Capital Ltd.

    Mr. Choo also had experience as a regulator for 3 years in Hong Kong, serving as an executive director of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. Mr. Choo is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and obtained a B.Sc degree from University of Calgary and an MBA from the University of Hong Kong.

  • Mr. Zhuo is a venture partner of GRE and a founding partner of V-star Capital. Before V-star, Mr. Zhuo served as a partner in New Margin Ventures from 2009 to 2017. Prior to New Margin, he worked for J.P Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited for 5 years, participating in a series of global IPOs and M&A for Chinese companies.

    Mr. Zhuo received his bachelor’s degree in International Securities, Investment and Banking (ISIB) from ICMA Centre, the University of Reading.

  • Mr. Xu is the Vice President of GRE and NM Strategic Focus Fund L.P. He joined NM Strategic Partners, which is an independent USD GP sponsored by the NewMargin Group, since 2015. Before NewMargin, He was working as an auditor in Deloitte from 2010, mainly serving companies listed in US or compliance with US GAAP.

    Mr. Xu received his bachelor’s degree of Economics from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (2006-2010), as well as a diploma of Finance and Economics from the University of Southampton (2008-2009). Mr. Xu mainly focuses on TMT related sectors at growth stage in China.

  • Mrs. Gong serves as an associate of GRE. Prior to joining GRE, Mrs. Gong has 6-year working experience in the private equity sector, focusing on post-investment management and fund operation.

    Mrs. Gong was previously an auditor at PWC, focusing on the private equity and mutual fund sector. During that period, she provided assurance service, including statutory audit and internal control services, to over 30 funds across China.

    Mrs. Gong received her bachelor’s degree of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2011.

  • Mrs.Zhao is an associate of GRE.

    Before GRE, she was an analyst at East Bell Venture Capital, one of the leading venture capitals in China, focusing on B2B related sectors. Before East Bell, she works for the Meritco Group, one of the leading management consulting companies in China founded by McKinsey senior alumnus, specializing in providing commercial due diligence for top venture capitals and private equities globally, as well as corporation strategy management for top internet enterprises in China.

    Mrs.Zhao received her bachelor’s degree of Management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2013, and a master’s degree of International Business from Monash University in Australia in 2015 with a distinction performance.

  • Mr. Choi is the Chief Financial and Compliance Officer of GRE. Mr. Choi has 20 years of working exposure in the finance industry and has accumulated extensive experiences in financial control, compliance and risk management.

    Mr. Choi was the finance head for more than 10 years in GEMS, which is a private equity management company with over US$800 million under management for investing in private equity situations in China and Asian. During that period, Mr. Choi also served to manage the accounting and finance activities for the family office of Mr. Simon Murray. Prior to joining GEMS in 2000 Mr. Choi worked in a listed company for 6 years, focusing on financial control, corporate finance and asset management.

    Mr. Choi obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration (second honor), a postgraduate diploma in Accounting (distinction), and a master’s degree in Christian Studies.

  • 吴绳祖先生于2013年6月加入GRE,担任首席执行官,并在上海永宣创业投资管理有限公司(NewMargin Ventures)担任管理合伙人。吴先生拥有超过21年的全球投资银行经验,遍及香港、中国内地、亚太地区、纽约、悉尼和伦敦。

    在加入GRE和上海永宣之前,吴先生在摩根大通工作了7年,是摩根大通亚太股权和衍生品市场部门(Equity Capital and Derivatives Markets)的主席以及部门主管,专注于通过首次公开发行(IPO)等方式为上市和私营企业融资。 在2006年加入摩根大通之前,吴先生在美林证券(现美银美林)有十余年工作经验,并曾任美林大中华区股权资本市场(Great China Equity Capital Markets)董事总经理和主管。此前,他还在瑞银伦敦的咨询与融资部门(Advisory & Financing Division),以及高盛伦敦和香港的股权资本市场部门(Equity Capital Markets Division)工作。


    除了在摩根大通担任股权资本市场的职务外,他还曾同时担任摩根证券(J.P Morgan Securities)亚太区及摩根大通期货(J.P. Morgan Broking)香港董事会的董事。另外,他也是摩根大通亚太区股权承诺委员会(Equity Commitment Committee)的成员,该委员会负责审批摩根大通在亚太区的所有股权和股权相关交易。此外,他亦曾担任香港证监会的负责官员及香港金融管理局执行官。

  • 叶家祺先生是GRE的常务董事兼负责人。他在大中华区和亚太地区有超过25年的股权投资经验。

    叶家祺先生曾担任上海永宣创业投资管理有限公司(NewMargin Ventures)的副董事长兼管理合伙人。上海永宣是一家中国领先的风险投资公司。 在此之前,他是博时资产管理(国际)有限公司(Bosera Asset Management)的董事总经理兼负责人。 在此之前,他是恒昇投资管理有限公司(Sun Partners Investment)的联合创始人兼首席执行官。恒昇投资 管理有限公司是香港证监会授权的资产管理公司,管理着恒昇中国基金(Sun China Fund)。 在此之前,他曾是General Enterprise Management Services (GEMS)的创始人之一,也是公司投资委员会的成员。1989至1998年,他曾担任摩根大通国际资本公司(J.P. Morgan International Capital Corporation)的副总裁。

    叶先生是亚洲财富管理杂志(Asia FM)2011年发布的“亚洲最佳50投资人”(2011 inaugural list of Asia's Power 50)之一,是资管行业在亚洲最具影响力的个人之一。 他在哈佛大学以优异的成绩获得学士学位,并且获得John Harvard奖学金(前5%)。他曾在中国内地、香港、新加坡和亚洲其它地区担任多家私营公司和上市公司的管理人员。他曾任香港特别行政区贸易发展局金融服务咨询委员会委员,及中国创业投资研究院专家督导委员会委员。 他目前也是殷拓集团(EQT Partners)战略投资委员会的董事会成员。殷拓集团是一家专注于参股或控股投资的全球私募股权管理公司,管理着约200亿欧元的资产。

  • 周永凯先生是GRE的合伙人。

    自2007年以来,他也曾担任上海永宣创业投资管理有限公司(NewMargin Ventures)的高级合伙人。多年来,周先生一直在中国各地工作。周先生的职业生涯从在美国电话电报公司贝尔实验室(AT&T Bell Labs)担任电信高级工程师开始,后来进入朗讯科技(中国)担任销售和营销副总裁。



  • 吴积民先生是GRE的常务董事兼负责人。吴先生在金融行业有30年的从业经验,专注于企业理财和资产管理。


    吴先生亦曾在香港监管机构从业3年,担任强制性公积金计划管理局(Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority)的执行董事。 吴先生是一名特许金融分析师,并获得加拿大卡尔加里大学理学学士学位及香港大学工商管理硕士学位。

  • 卓星煜先生是GRE的风险合伙人及源星资本的创始合伙人。

    在创立源星资本之前,卓先生曾于2009至2017年担任上海永宣创业投资管理有限公司(NewMargin Ventures)的合伙人。在上海永宣之前,他在摩根证券(亚太)有限公司工作5年,参与过一系列中国企业在全球IPO和并购活动。


  • 许晓辰先生是GRE的副总裁。自2015年起,他加入了上海永宣创业投资管理有限公司(NewMargin Ventures)的独立的美元基金团队。在上海永宣之前,他自2010年起在德勤担任审计师,主要服务于在美国上市或符合美国公认会计准则的中国企业。


  • 龚晓蓉女士是GRE的投资经理。在加入GRE之前,龚女士在私募股权领域有6年的工作经验,专注于投后管理和基金运营。



  • 赵越女士是GRE的投资经理。



  • 蔡啟舜先生是GRE的首席财务和合规官。蔡先生在金融行业拥有20多年的工作经验,并在内部控制、合规和风险管理方面积累了丰富的经验。

    蔡先生曾在General Enterprise Management Services (GEMS)任职财务主管超十余年。GEMS是一家私募股权管理公司,投资于中国和亚洲地区,并管理超过8亿美元的资金。在此期间,蔡先生也负责管理Simon Murray先生家族办公室的财务及投融资活动。在2000年加入GEMS之前,蔡先生在一家上市公司工作了6年,主要从事内部控制、公司金融和资产管理工作。


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